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Witchery etc.


Ryan Made Mistakes

Autobiography, Comedy, Slice of Life

+ Christis +

Drama, Fantasy, Queer

Lies Within

Lies Within follows the story of Lysander Farrokh, a 28-year old freeloader whose life changes drastically after getting possessed by a wendigo spirit. With the help of his best friend and neighbour, Simon Isadore, Lysander learns to navigate this...

Drama, Horror, Monsters, Queer Cast, Urban, Vampires

Commander Kitty


Prismatic Star


Dweller on The Threshold

Comedy, Daily, Full Color, Slice of Life, Vertical Comic, Webtoons

Far Out West

When settlers move west across the new country they bring their monsters with them. A flood of Europeans sweeps across the Great plains; fueled by greed and funded by sin. Little do they know their path of destruction paves the way for creatures of...

19th Century, Action, Adventure, Bisexual, Educational, English Language,...



The Weave

Tally Llewellyn can’t catch a break. She’s bounced from job to job after she lost her college tuition, but she hasn’t been able to find work in months and the patience of her family and friends is running thin. She’s nearly out of money and...

Adventure, Cute, Drama, Fantasy, Female Creator, Gay, Genderqueer, Female...

The Legend of Briva

After centuries of peace, the country of Briva was faced with a violent coup d'etat that wiped out the Queen, Aristocracy, and it's alliance with the formidable Pirate Alliance all in one night, known as The Rise. Ten years later, violence...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Beauty and the Beast

During the reign of Louis XIV, it was the vogue for educated noblewomen, and some men, to gather and spin fairy tales together. The conte de fées told in these salons laid the foundation of the literary fairy tale, a very different creature than...

18th Century, Adaptation, Black and White, English Language, Fantasy,...


Magic is fading, and the world is changing. Some, however, still fight for the Old Ways.  These are the kinds of heroes that live on.  This is their Ode.

On Hiatus

Fight The Good Fight


Startup Comic (The Silicon Valley of Web Comics)

🦄 + 💩 = startup

Black and White, Comedy, Educational, Female Lead, Commentary, Current...

Fight the Good Fight

Fight The Good Fight is a tale about some ragtag heroes that steal bread for the poor. A band of benevolent thieves called the DIVIDE are notorious for getting into trouble with the local police forces that patrol and control their slums. Perhaps...

Action, Adventure, Drama, SciFi, Tragedy



O Human Star

SciFi, Queer

City of Blank

In this world that hides its face behind masks from mysterious creatures known as Blanks, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Rexerse enters Glory City, better known as the City of Blank, in hopes of finding some...

Action, Comedy, Conspiracy, SciFi, Mystery, Platonic Relationship, Shonen

City of Monsters (Webtoons)

A long winter and a big city. A stranger in his own world, and a goddess worshiped for her deeds and judgements. In this city there are no saints or martyrs. No heroes walk the streets. This city procures the divided and favors those who conquer....

Action, Fantasy, Noir, Political, Romance


Erotic, Fantasy, Queer

Family Man

Rejected by academia for defending an atheist, Luther Levy takes a job at a far-flung university. He begins a secret love affair with Ariana Nolte, the university librarian - and his employer's daughter. Luther doesn't suspect that the Nolte...

18th Century, Fantasy, Romance, Werewolves

The Tale of Five Realms

Torwyn has grown up as the caretaker of the Forest, never once setting foot outside of it. When the War of the Realms threatens the Forest, Torywn is forced into a position of great importance and great magical ability. Follow Torwyn’s travels...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Queer

Effy - The Living Efficiency

Effy is an experimental comic that follow efficiency personified. Follow her adventures every week as she goes through the world, assessing the pertinence of economic and management concepts.

Philosophical, Slice of Life, Surreal

We Are The Wyrecats

Action, Drama, SciFi, Philosophical, Superhero, Tragedy

Monsieur Charlatan

Isidore Charlatan, a name which once sent shockwaves through the criminal fraternities that lurk in the dark recesses of society’s underbelly. Isidore Charlatan, a detective of the finest caliber who not once, but twice shook hands with President...

Action, Adventure

Uncertain Life



Action, SciFi, Superhero


Emma Crewe doesn’t care for books, but has the power to literally be lost in one. When Emma lands in another world following a library fire, she discovers she’s a Namesake — one with the power to open portals to other worlds via the power of...

Fantasy, Folktale, Female Lead, Diverse Cast, Fairy Tale, Queer Cast,...

A Small Revolution

A Small Revolution is the story of a little orphaned girl named Florence, in a country ruled by a dictator. A revolution is being organized to overthrow the government, and Florence desperately wants to take part in it, even if she doesn't fully...

Drama, Tragedy