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Magical Hazel

Magical Hazel is an experimental comic that is a love letter to my favorite things about videogames, psychology, and anime (specifically magical girls, because duh!). It’s about elegant action sequences, weird places and monsters, nerd references...

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical Girl
On Hiatus


Wuffle is different from other wolves. While most wolves are sneaky and tricky, Wuffle is innocent, naive, and kind-hearted, always willing to help people without expecting anything in return.

Cute, Furry


By Lucy Lyall. The city of Kaspall has always been a magnet for the bizarre, but lately things have taken a nasty turn in the West Quay district. Someone is getting away with murder. Finding the killer is no easy task when there's no connection...

Black and White, Fantasy, Female Creator, Furry, Alternate Universe,...

Two Hearts

By a stroke of luck or will of fate, a young healer finds a trapped dark elf, and decides to help him. Little does he know, this act of kindness will soon lead him to a life changing journey, with assassins and mercenaries following his trails, and...

Adventure, Fantasy, Queer

The Boys in the Bank

By ConnerEmacdonald. "The Boys in the Bank" is a satire about gun violence, the media, police, entitlement. Three morons try robbing a bank, chaos and comedy ensue.

Comedy, Comic Fury, Dark, Drama, Pulp, Satire

College Catastrophe

By Jan. I began drafting College Catastrophe in October of 2000, shortly after beginning my freshman year in college. College life was giving me so many wacky ideas that I just had to jot down, and the natural format for me to do that was in a...

Autobiography, Black and White, Chinese Language, College, Comedy, English...



Dawn of Time

By Michael Stearns. An eccentric cavegirl has strange adventures involving dinosaurs and Victorian time travelers.

19th Century, Adventure, Ancient History, Animals, Comedy, Dinosaurs,...

The Amok Bros.

Action, Comedy, SciFi



So... You're A Cartoonist?

Author Cameo, Slice of Life

Lord of the Ringu

"A Tale of a Hobbit with a Habit" A hobbit watches a cursed DVD and has 7 days to break the curse. But can he avoid the distractions of his mate Mags? A film-parody comedy adventure story

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

What Birds Know

By Emelie Friberg and Mattias Thorelli. Three girls venture into the forest on a school assignment. After they find an ancient tower, things start to go very wrong...

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Full Color, Female Lead, Horror, Large Archive,...

Bubble Gum Pops

Uhh, Bob and Jerry are best friends. Bob is a girl, but Jerry and everyone else don't know that. Whatever will happen?

High School, Slice of Life, Transgender

The Stormrunners

By Ed Kline and Kimber C. Three and a half billion years ago Mars was devastated by war. This is the story of a Martian tank commander who lost her crew, only to find another... a pair of humans from Earth in her distant future! NB: Lee M is listed...

3D Render, Action, Adventure, Aliens, Comic Fury, Drama, Full Color,...

Torus Link (Side B)


Torus Link (Side A)


Castle Hawkingspire


The Cult of Undesirables

On Hiatus


In a distant future, people with extraordinary abilities, also called "Wiccans", struggle to survive in a world where their gifts have been declared illegal. A young meta-human girl, Hope Sherman, is forced by a police inspector to...

French Language, SciFi, Female Lead
On Hiatus

Shadow's Tale

Creepy, other dimension lair? CHECK. Umbrakinetic abilities? CHECK. Malicious monsters that were unleashed from a cursed book by accident? UHHHH.... He may need some help with that from his arch nemesi- I MEAN "partner" to put them all...

Action, Magical Girl, Picaresque
On Hiatus

Kill Me If You Can

Antares, is what his father gave him after birth, he grew up hating his own weird name that he come up with a new one(Kiran), in fear of becoming people's laughing stock. He sees himself as a proud side character who doesn't have a care to...

On Hiatus




Action, Adventure, Fantasy

RPG World

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A Tale Yet Unclaimed

Comedy, Fantasy


Zap to the extreme with Sonichu and friends as they stop the evil Mary Lee Walsh from banning true love in the city of CWCville!

Adventure, Satire

Vegan Artbook



(Not in production yet. Entry created for testing purposes.) The Memoria Magnus—one who has passed through Raven's domain (read: died), merging their memories with those of the deceased, but through some trick of fate or circumstance came...



On Hiatus