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City of Asah

A tale of a young asah struggling to survive and shrug off the ancient prejudices of those who came before him. His new ally is everything he has been taught to fear and hate, but may be the only chance his people have to change everything. Move...


Saturday Morning Teagirl

Action, Comedy, Superhero

Demon Hunter Kain

Adventure, Horror
On Hiatus


1-K0 is a robot created to take care of humans, and her unending patience is tested very regularly by her friends and classmates. Everybody in this comic is really, really dumb. Contains cute doodles inbetween story chapters. Profiles for the...

Comedy, High School, SciFi, Slice of Life, Friendship
On Hiatus


Imagine two friends, and their pets, living together. Now imagine one of them is a ninja, with an unhealthy obsession with potato chips, and the other is a former Olympic swimmer, who got tired of swimming and just wants to float. Oh, and their pets...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Cute, All Ages, Manga, Random, Tapas, Webtoons,...

Mora and Sima Apei


The Wind Exiles

Adventure, Fancomic, Video Game

Hail Federation

Just because they only have one hand doesn't stop them from ruling the universe with an iron fist. Follow the everyday lives of "The boys" two unnamed low ranking agents of the mighty Federation.

Adventure, Comedy, SciFi


Animal Protagonists, Animals

Negative Frames

Kaz is an egocentric internet-famous girl, photography aficionado, who has a strong curiosity about abnormal and weird things happening around her.

Androids, Comedy, Drama, SciFi, Female Lead, Mystery, Tapas
On Hiatus

Guardians' Advent

Arashi has spent her life dreaming of becoming a Royal Guard in the City of Peace, so when the opportunity arises, she's determined to do everything in her power to make her dream come true. But she soon discovers that being a guard isn't...

Action, Adventure, Animal Protagonists, Animals, Coming of Age, English...
On Hiatus

The Principle of Happiness

A guy and a kid appear one day in some closely guarded, magical woods. Everyone seems to think they're the heroes of a prophecy. That would be all well and good, but it seems to have kickstarted something bigger than the both of them...

Fantasy, Mystery
On Hiatus

The Genesis Girl

Drama, Fantasy, SciFi

Witches of the Evening

During the Witching Hour, creatures from another world enter into our own. Only Witches can stop these creatures during this time, before they can do harm or create chaos in the world. Things, however, change when the Warlocks start causing...

Action, English Language, Fantasy, Female Creator, Full Color, Female...

Yarlforr County

The Baker family live a perfectly normal life in a county that looks normal at first glance, but much lies beneath the surface. From monsters popping up on occasion to having elf and orc neighbors, there is much to see.

Comedy, English Language, Fantasy, Digital Media, Slice of Life, Tapas,...

Lord of the Gadflies

Comedy, Slice of Life



Hearts For Sale


Eerie Crests







Chie is a young rookie who receives her training from the baddest, meanest veteran officer around. Welcome to Santa Luison, a city that employs the undead to fight crime.


Something about Celeste

There is just something about Celeste; something charming, something weird, something special. She is a young woman thrust into the world of adulthood. Celeste has a childlike wonder and charm, and her fantastic daydreams overlap into her mundane...

Becomics, Comedy, English Language, Female Lead, Slice of Life, Tapas,...

Knight and Beard

Comedy, Fantasy

The Red Muscle

A comedy/action/romance comic about two nerds who bring their dreams of being a cartoon superhero to life. created by Rudy Mora and Mariel Maranan.



Adventure, Fantasy, Queer

Bedtime Stories For Strangers

Comics for the incurably melancholy and the perpetually unnerved. Updates two or three times a year if you're lucky.

Animal Protagonists, Animals, Anthology, Author Cameo, Autobiography,...

Tag Forester -- Sleazy Dick

This is the first full series about Portland’s sleazy private detective, Tag Forester. This time, he’s hired on by an incognito televangelist, Reverend Jimmy, to find a young, fallen x-employee, who may be working in the adult entertainment...

Action, Adventure, Black and White, English Language, Erotic, Detective,...

The Legend of Drako the Barbarian

The beginning of this cartoon was first drawn in 1986 (I know it probably looks like it). Since it deals with drugs, sex, violence, etc., it is meant for more adult readers and is not office safe. The beginning pages are in printed comic book...

Action, Adult, Adventure, Ancient History, Assassins, Black and White,...

Balls Out On the Silk Route

Drako the Barbarian is a wondering warrior of questionable values. He does mercenary work. This time he’s taking some ceramic balls called Mesopotamian envelopes along the Silk Road from China to Yaqut al-Hamawi near the city of Merv. Along the...

Action, Adventure, Ancient History, Animals, Assassins, Black and White,...