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Jaqueline Posada, an amnesiac teenager, was introduced to the world of symbiotics and dueling after being resurrected by her grandfather. Along the way, she meets teenagers from different countries who volunteered to accompany her in her journeys.

Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Fantasy, Saving the World
On Hiatus

The Other Side of Me

Drama, Erotic, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy


In search for answers about her family, young Enyr joins forces with Aendhág, the lonely last prince of western dragons. Their stories have many points in common: both their families were slashed by strange enemies. Legends tell about primordial...

Adventure, Animal Protagonists, Fantasy
On Hiatus

Monster Pulse

When your heart jumps out of your chest and becomes a monster, you'd think that would be weird enough! But for Bina and her friends, that's just the beginning of their adventure...

Coming of Age, Drama, Monsters

Blonde Sunrise

In the city of Creston many hunters have been gathered together to eliminate all monstrous creatures. Leonard Derrin is one of the hunters within these hunting units, and despite having only a year of experience under his belt, he has managed to...

Angels, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Female Creator, Full Color, Ghosts,...


Action, Adventure, Furry, SciFi, Philosophical

Hive Heart

Erotic, Fantasy, Queer, Romance

Working Around

Sil is a workophobic elf guy who has just been kicked out from his parents' house for not wanting to work in a mine. He strongly believes he shouldn't waste his time on something as trivial as a job because his marvelous musician skills will...

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Furry

Dragons and Silk

By view. This is my take on a fantasy comic, but I'm struggling with the style at the moment. Pardon the roughness. I want to get that "big punch" feel you sometimes get from fantasy when it shows awe-inspiring scenes, but I also want...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Comic Fury, Demons, Dragons, Drama, Fantasy,...
On Hiatus

Power Strings

On Hiatus


On Hiatus

Shai Away


Missing Dream




Weavers at the Black

Drama, SciFi


Welcome to Nexcess. Where if you're under the age of 25, your life pretty much sucks. If you are between the ages of 10 to 25, you are marked as 'Unaccepted'. Or more commonly, 'Runners'. Tired of living under the Alphantos...

Adventure, Drama, Mystery


Not many people come into the store downtown, even less choose to buy anything. But the strangest thing about Secondhanded isn't how they manage to stay in business - it's that not a soul who works there is human. Outcast by the rest of the...

Drama, Fantasy, Furry, SciFi


Sara was 15 years old when aliens attacked Earth. She was a test subject for them, eventually she gave birth to 3 alien children. Sara and her kids were separated, but mother wanted to rescue her kids. She'll travel through hell just to keep...

Aliens, Black and White, Comic Fury, Death, Drama, Digital Media, Manga,...


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Superhero


Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

All Our Cuts And Bruises

Adventure, SciFi


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, SciFi, Superhero

Operator Syndrome オペレーター症候群 Operētā shōkōgun

A meteorite blasts through the atmosphere and slams down in the central business district of a city -- and everything changes.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Superhero

Bubble Gum Pops

Uhh, Bob and Jerry are best friends. Bob is a girl, but Jerry and everyone else don't know that. Whatever will happen?

High School, Slice of Life, Transgender


Rous is growing up in a country that has been at war for 300 years. Locked in a hopeless stalemate by the clash of magic and technology, both sides are becoming desperate to tip the scales. Rous isn’t particularly interested in the war. He’s...

Action, Comic Fury, Desert, Drama, Fantasy, Disabled Character,...

Witch Trade


Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke

A comic based on my Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Yellow version! Nostalgialocke doesn't actually mean anything, it's just referring to how this is supposed to be mimicking old 2010-11 Nuzlockes, as well as it was my first time playing Yellow...

Adventure, Comedy, Comic Fury, Fancomic, Lesbian, Nuzlocke, Video Game,...


By Batima, revision/proofreading by Lee M A sci-fi adventure set up in a dieselpunk world where the Imperial Investigation Bureau agent Joseph Reik must uncover a mysterious plot that has been taking place in the world famous industrial complex...

Action, Aliens, Comic Fury, Drama, Full Color, Furry, SciFi, Mystery,...

The Redac

How would I describe The Redac? Probably as something that originally started as life embellished, before becoming a comedic, genre-busting story with too many characters and plot threads. It's also the very substance of my artistic evolution...

Adventure, Aliens, Animals, Animesque, Anthology, Assassins, Astronomy,...