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The Devil of Angel Classroom

Comedy, Queer

The Last Diplomat



A web of vignettes exploring life, death, and the movement of souls through time.

Animals, Comic Fury, Death, Dragons, English Language, Fantasy, Female...

Kim Reaper


In Our Shadow

50,000 years after the human race destroyed itself, other animal species have evolved amongst our ruins to use the tools we left behind. A small group of marsupials are searching for lost human technology that can bring an end to the dominance of...

Action, Adventure, Animal Protagonists, Animals, Drama, English Language,...

Final Light

The normal and lonely life of Hikari, one day changes, perhaps predestined, when she meets a guy from another world who was fleeing from creatures called "Espíritus Oscuros" (Dark Spirits) and she ends up in the middle of this...

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, English Language, Fantasy, Magic, Magical Girl,...


I spell my name with an exclamation point, like so: David Malki ! It’s considered an honorific, and used in the same manner as “Jr.” or “PhD”: there’s a single space before it. The exclamation point is not pronounced — though many have...

19th Century, Black and White, Comedy, Dark, Large Archive, Surreal


Action, Adventure, Furry, SciFi, Philosophical

Boyfriend of the Dead

She’s a smart, independent young woman who’s kicking ass and struggling to make her way through the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Just her luck: one day she goes out searching for food and shelter and ends up finding a boyfriend instead. And,...

Comedy, Romance, Zombies


See, Sheldon is this weird, wonderful little strip...with geeky characters, all-ages storylines, and lots of pop-culture nerdiness. At its center is this odd little family: A boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both. Take a second to...

Comedy, Geek Culture


Revive is a romantic, action-filled drama with dark themes, hopeful protagonists, and a bloody past. This earth is slightly more advanced than our own, now featuring standard commercial technology such as androids. Humans live in what is known by...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Queer, Tragedy


On Hiatus

Cupcake War Machine

Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war, but after severe damage during his first battle, he wakes up 500 years later with the new exasperating function of being an assistant...

Aliens, Androids, Animesque, Artificial Intelligence, Becomics, Comedy,...

Chaos Life

Autobiography, Queer, Slice of Life

The Abominable Charles Christopher

Launched in 2007, The Abominable Charles Christopher is the critically-acclaimed webcomic from renowned comic artist Karl Kerschl. It follows the adventures of a childlike sasquatch through a forest full of colourful animal characters and has won...

Drama, Philosophical

Haunted World

Calendar City is a city in a haunted world that's slowly unmaking. The forest is full of the dead and other weird creatures. Occasionally the world rips apart and everybody has to stay home. Almost everybody is fine with that. But sometimes the...

Action, Fantasy, Horror, Queer

E-Depth Angel

People argue whether machines can have souls but what about humans who have become machines? What's the fairytale ending for reverse Pinocchios, those who have given up their humanity? ........ In the future where cyborgs are common, Angel is...

Action, Animesque, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Genetic Engineering, SciFi, Manga,...

Space School

Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School and possesses rad powers he doesn't quite deserve. Thru the early parts of the comic, Zeggy learns his actions and words actually affect others and if he ever wants to have real...

SciFi, Slice of Life

The Wotch

The Wotch is a webcomic that has been running from 2002. While not explicitly furry in nature, the comic has included various anthropomorphic characters, due to its many transformation plots. Because its storyline so frequently changes the major...

Animals, Body Sharing, Body Swapping, Crossdressing, Fantasy, Full Color,...
On Hiatus


An exploration of the multitudes a person experiences as a response to trauma. Also cartoon animal adventures. I promise it's mostly funny. it's a trauma comedy! a TRAUMEDY!!!!

Comedy, Slice of Life

Power of the Universe - A Nuzlocke Challenge

Fresh Pokémon trainers Richard and Aron attempt to take on the Nuzlocke Challenge. All they want is to complete the challenge. Standing in their way is the entire population of Sinnoh. Updates sporadically.

Adventure, Comedy, Comic Fury, Drama, Fantasy, Nuzlocke, Vertical Comic,...

Magnetic North

Magnetic North follows Steve, Roy, and Jugsy through their first year out of high school. Jobs, relationships, apartments, roommates, college, and that impending feeling of absolute panic as you realize that you might be the only adult in the room. ...

Slice of Life

The Realm of Kaerwyn

At the heart of the multiverse, an unlucky few find themselves mystically transported and trapped on a mysterious and dangerous world. There are no reinforcements. There is no escape. There is only each other. Updates T-Th-Sat 8pm ET

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Furry


Strips About Anything and Everything

Slice of Life


Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Female Lead, Queer Cast, Queer, Romance,...

Mere Mortals

Mere Mortals is a comic about a girl adopted by a monster, and what happens when that girl starts to grow up. Updates every other saturday.


Horse Age

Adventure of prehistoric horses

Animal Protagonists


Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn’t believe in anything supernatural—until her twin sister Kat is murdered and comes back as a very demanding ghost. Sharing a room with her sister was hard, but now they’re...


Kate or Die!

Autobiography, Bisexual, Comedy, Female Creator, Full Color, Female Lead,...

Finding Home

Finding home is a slow-burn romance about nature, magic, anxiety, and growing close to someone. On a long journey, two very different people thrown together by circumstance grow closer than they expected. But they're just friends...

Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Romance