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Kami Element

Action, Fantasy


En route to click a family photo, Vishak, an ex-soldier, and his family witness an alien invasion that results in humanity’s defeat. As War Prisoners, they were given one condition: Use their evolved selves to rid Earth of all monsters within 10...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Mystery, Superhero, Surreal

Whispers of the Past

| Magical powers can only come from the other side... | When a foreigner with amnesia washes up on the shore, a young woman decides to help him solve the mystery of his dreams, only to realize that his nightmares are coming to confront him. ...

Adventure, Amnesia, Aromantic, Asexual, Bisexual, Body Sharing, Deal with...


Recoil is a 14+ story about Kalo, a boy who discovers his powers in a deadly accident. He is snatched away and placed in super power therapy with a bunch of other angry and confused children. This story is meant to shine light on what it's like...

Queer, Superpowers

Biofin Corp



Folklore is a superhuman horror story, focused on a small band of survivors trying to navigate a war-torn world in the aftermath of the Federation’s collapse. At the height of its power the Federation represented unity and hope for the future. It...

Action, Adventure, SciFi, Horror, Superhero, Superpowers, Zombies

yokai life

100 years ago creatures attack the earth, once 4 warriors won to the leader of the beasts, the rest run away, but the energy of the leader mix with plants, animals, objects and humans, giving them powers, those with powers are called yokai.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Coin Operated Clone

In the search for answers within a crumbling desiccated post-apocalyptic world, a lowly custodian turns to an unlikely robotic companion for assistance. But just how much of an android is his newfound acquaintance?

SciFi, Post-apocalyptic

Feral Gentry

Drama, Fantasy


In a twisted fairy tale world, a prince gets himself re-cursed to be the hottest man of all time, but it all backfires and now he is so hot that he has to wear a masked radish costume to avoid killing everyone around him! Will he be able to break...


Monster Lands

Monster Lands is a fantasy/dramedy story that focuses on the axe-wielding, monster-riding adventurer Othera as she battles against the tyranny of the evil queen Eren Lorry! It’s largely a character-driven story, written as sort of a deconstruction...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, English Language, Episodic, Fantasy,...

Doomsday, My Dear

Doomsday, My Dear is a turn-of-the-20th century webcomic drama about a modern day plague, the political turmoil that follows in its wake, and the lives of the people it touches.


Nebula Beings

Two aliens travel the galaxy to achieve their goals.

Adventure, SciFi, Slice of Life

Nebula Beings

Dr. Alma's life is full of obstacles and challenges as she wants to become the best doctor in the galaxy to honor her late mentor. Little does she know, the biggest obstacle has yet to come... PG-14 for violence, horror, scary themes, implied...

Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Horror

Evil Inc.

This comic is about a local branch office of Evil Inc, a national corporation run by supervillains for supervillains. It’s like any other workplace except the dress code leans heavily towards spandex, and interdepartmental conflicts sometimes...




Kidd Commander

Kidd Commander is an ongoing shounen about Phineas Kidd, a girl who was murdered by god and got so mad about it she rose from the dead to kill god back! It's set in an apocalypse-in-progress so the characters get dragged through the mud quite a...

Adventure, Androids, Fantasy, Full Color, SciFi, Female Lead, Large...

The Last Halloween

The Last Halloween, Book 1 is the story of Mona and her unusual friends, who must work together to defend humanity from countless horrific monstrosities! Perhaps they will succeed, and humanity will prevail as it always has. Or perhaps this will...

Black and White, Comedy, Dark, Female Creator, Ghosts, Female Lead,...

Lys of the Drakois

Action, Comedy, Coming of Age, Crossover, Dragons, Epic, Fantasy, Female...


Mana wells power society into its technological age but their reach is limited. Runners are the trained couriers that transport important packages and messages between cities. But the space outside the safety of the mana wells between cities is a...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi

The Genesis Girl

Drama, Fantasy, SciFi


A runaway girl, her dead best friend, and a group of genetically altered creatures try to survive in Earth’s distant future.

Adventure, Afterlife, Animal Protagonists, SciFi, Post-apocalyptic,...
On Hiatus

7" Kara (Tumblr)

Kara is a Lilliputian girl who lives with her parents in an old doll house, hidden away in the back of a forgotten shed. Isolated her entire life, she has few Lilliputian friends her own age, and even less experience with the world around her. ...

Adaptation, Coming of Age, Cute, English Language, Fantasy, Female...

A Drift of Souls (Tapas)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Superhero

A Drift of Souls

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Superhero

Dungeons and Doggos

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Fancomic, Slice of Life


Theurgy is a BL comic about a lazy demon and the idiot who accidentally summons him. Updates most Thursdays.

BL, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Queer

Grapple Seed

Grapple Seed follows the adventures of 13 year old Turner Trent, in a world where the earth’s gravitational force repels everything excluding itself. Sounds confusing? Imagine a world where the ground is above you, while the sky lies beneath your...

Adventure, Comicadia

Kemono Cafe

Welcome to Kemono Cafe. Bringing comic artists and readers together under one big red roof. Join Sandy in her story of journeying to Fable.

Action, Adventure, Animals, Animesque, Comedy, Coming of Age, Cute,...

Data Chasers

Action, Androids, Conspiracy, Cyborgs, Dystopia, SciFi, Post-apocalyptic