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Junior Scientist Power Hour

Junior Scientist Power Hour is a comic by Abby Howard starring Abby Howard, co-starring Abby Howard's cat, Spoons.




Brimstone and Roses

Fantasy, Romance

Sword Interval

The Sword Interval is about a world on the verge of a supernatural apocalypse. Most of humanity goes about their daily lives trying to ignore the constant threat of magic and monsters, but a few face these dangers head-on. Fall is one such person....

Action, Adventure, English Language, Fantasy, Full Color, Female Lead,...

Lunar Babboon



Dike the Invincible Death is the #1 target for bounty hunters across planet Urano. After getting drugged by a mysterious woman in a bar, Dike wakes up in the body of Denma, a 12-year-old space courier. With Denma's powers as a Quanx, he journeys...

Body Sharing, Bounty Hunters, SciFi

Sunlit Silence

Fantasy, Queer, Romance

Vampire Boyfriend



500 years into the future, the world has changed. Radiation and extreme weather conditions make life on the surface impossible and all that remains from humanity is gathered in artificial habitats, the life-support-domes. Life inside the domes is...

Fantasy, SciFi, Post-apocalyptic

Castle Swimmer (Webtoon)

A shark prince falls in love with the boy he's meant to kill. A (re)reboot of Kappa by Wendy Lian Martin.

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Female Creator, Full Color, Gay, SciFi, Queer,...


By SirK9. A woman and her dog travel through an ecologically hazardous post apocalyptic America.

Black and White, Comedy, Desert, Dystopia, English Language, SciFi,...


Drama, Gay, SciFi, Romance, Slice of Life, Transgender

The Flowering Trail

After his grandmother is sold to a faraway land as a slave, Aasim escapes from servitude in order to find her. Searching throughout North Africa during the Islamic Golden Age, he becomes entangled in the cruelties of the world as he desperately...

Adventure, Ancient History, Death, Desert, Drama, English Language, Golden...

Paradoxum Tricker

When colorful sentient beings re-populate amongst human society, a sudden biological phenomenon within them is causing them to transform into eldritch entities. It’s going to take two unique individuals and their group of friends to look for...

Action, Adventure, Artificial Intelligence, Delinquents, Furry, Genetic...


Manga-style fantasy set in Japan. Komi is a brilliant Miko's apprentice who lives alongside her grandmother and teacher. When she is proposed to continue her training in the capital, Komi will have doubts about leaving. She doesn’t want to...

Animesque, Comedy, Demons, English Language, Fantasy, Full Color, Japanese...

Erika and the princes in distress

Comedy, Fantasy

Four Leaf

Lupe hasn’t been able to adapt very well to the new school… though she hasn’t really been able to adapt to anything ever. Four Leaf is a story about a bunch of dangerous magical girls, but most specially about one not-at-all-magical girl.

Fantasy, Magical Girl

Cat Trails

Comedy, Fantasy

My Dragon Girlfriend

Christy is saved from a bad date by a dragon girl and introduced to world of magical creatures while falling in love with her savior.

Fantasy, Queer, Romance, Slice of Life

Closely Knit

Josephine, or "Jo", is an 70-year-old woman living a quiet life until one day she is tasked as the new champion and sent on a quest to save the kingdom. Along the way, she meets a small creature named Roy, whose own goals seem to align with...

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Hard Bread

Drama, SciFi, Philosophical, Tragedy


Folklore is a superhuman horror story, focused on a small band of survivors trying to navigate a war-torn world in the aftermath of the Federation’s collapse. At the height of its power the Federation represented unity and hope for the future. It...

Action, Adventure, SciFi, Horror, Superhero, Superpowers, Zombies

Coin Operated Clone

In the search for answers within a crumbling desiccated post-apocalyptic world, a lowly custodian turns to an unlikely robotic companion for assistance. But just how much of an android is his newfound acquaintance?

SciFi, Post-apocalyptic

Bronze Skin Inc



"In Security" is a comic strip centering around newlyweds Sam & Sedine and their crazy day-to-day life with friends and family. OORAH and BOOYAH!!

Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Tapas, Webtoons, Friendship


Joanna is a mid-twenties office girl who likes social media and watered down coffee. While griping about her love life, she accidentally swiped right on a whole Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses! Looking to fulfill an ancient prophecy, only one of them...

Drama, Fantasy, Gods, Satire

Stories from the Dominion

A grungy, dark fantasy adventure with horror elements that follows three bandits and the prince they kidnapped as they travel from one end to the other of a hostile, bizarre world - facing off agains strange things such as cannibal lawn gnomes and...

Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

Phantom Reign

PHANTOM REIGN is an interactive webcomic! You can control the main character, but not the environment, other characters or if he is successful. He might go somewhere, interact with something, examine, fight, build, cook, ... whatever you can think...

17th Century, 18th Century, Action, Adventure, Webtoons

Oh My Ghost

Loi is tight on budget, so he was force to live on a very cheap "HAUNTED" apartment where he will meet "Maya", the ghost that will haunt him forever.

Comedy, Ghosts, Romance, Tapas, Webtoons, Heartwarming

Paranormal Panic

Comedy, SciFi