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The Sea In You

Fantasy, Queer


In a time where magic is forbidden, a sorceress's once peaceful life is shaken by an assassin and grudges that are rooted deeply in time.


Damselfish in Distress

Pezci is an anxious fish girl that has to learn how to fight for herself when life screws her over and a raging maelstrom destroys her home. Unwillingly bestowed with an unusual key, Pezci must make the journey to the legendary Light Tower where...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Female Creator, Female Lead, Post-apocalyptic,...



The Devil of Angel Classroom

Comedy, Queer

The Last Diplomat


Rising Sand

Adventure, Fantasy


Recoil is a 14+ story about Kalo, a boy who discovers his powers in a deadly accident. He is snatched away and placed in super power therapy with a bunch of other angry and confused children. This story is meant to shine light on what it's like...

Queer, Superpowers


A web of vignettes exploring life, death, and the movement of souls through time.

Animals, Comic Fury, Death, Dragons, English Language, Fantasy, Female...

Vamp Sabbath

Attempting to stay on a city closer to his rock and roll dreams, Tristan Rodriguez will have to endure the company of a self proclaimed, unapologetic vampire freak and a sugar overdosed violent girl while trying to keep his recurring past in the...

Fantasy, Music, Mystery, Tapas, Vampires

The Dinosaur Whiteboard

Comedy, Philosophical, Surreal

Lore Olympus

Fantasy, Romance


One day, a wondrous little dove, sheltered in a gilded cage, encounters a wild ominous crow, lone survivor of his clan. In a world where human affection or hatred are both cursed, the little dove must find her freedom.

19th Century, Animals, Animesque, Drama, Manga, Romance, Webtoons, Shojo,...

Sugar and Spies (formerly Underagents)

Sugar and spies and cold-blooded lies: that's what this story is made of. Just kidding--it's pretty lighthearted. Follow the adventures of three teenage secret agents as they navigate the perilous worlds of terrorist factions, corrupt...

Action, Comedy, Cute, Female Creator, Full Color, Female Lead, Long Form,...

Kim Reaper



Bybloemen - a variety of broken tulip, white with purple or violet stripes Bybloemen takes place during the height of tulip mania, an absurd chapter in Dutch history when houses were mortgaged for flowers, a virus almost capsized an entire economy,...

17th Century, Comedy, Deal with the Devil, Fantasy


An ex-soldier joins a group of thieves in a desperate attempt to find a new home. The Kalvivan thief system seem to have it all together, but when a band of outsider thieves appear, bent on wresting the city from the the system, will they be able...

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Ink Drop Cafe, Long Form, Queer Cast, Queer...

In Our Shadow

50,000 years after the human race destroyed itself, other animal species have evolved amongst our ruins to use the tools we left behind. A small group of marsupials are searching for lost human technology that can bring an end to the dominance of...

Action, Adventure, Animal Protagonists, Animals, Drama, English Language,...



Dream Constellation

She’s a girl of sixteen years old, extremely shy and hesitant, daydreaming days and nights. Finding peace in her own imagination, away from the harsh conditions reality shoves into her face everyday, that is how her life goes. However, one night,...

Slice of Life, Surreal

Fury of the Dawn



In a twisted fairy tale world, a prince gets himself re-cursed to be the hottest man of all time, but it all backfires and now he is so hot that he has to wear a masked radish costume to avoid killing everyone around him! Will he be able to break...


Final Light

The normal and lonely life of Hikari, one day changes, perhaps predestined, when she meets a guy from another world who was fleeing from creatures called "Espíritus Oscuros" (Dark Spirits) and she ends up in the middle of this...

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, English Language, Fantasy, Magic, Magical Girl,...


I spell my name with an exclamation point, like so: David Malki ! It’s considered an honorific, and used in the same manner as “Jr.” or “PhD”: there’s a single space before it. The exclamation point is not pronounced — though many have...

19th Century, Black and White, Comedy, Dark, Large Archive, Surreal

Friends or Lovers?

Elena is a girl with a huge ego. Dave is a guy with no self-esteem. One day, they meet, and through a series of events they gradually get to know each other.

Slice of Life, StArt Faire


When you live in a world where magic and technology co-exist, things do not seem any better. When Junior Royal and his brother Oliver get accepted into North Academy, they think life will be a breeze but instead, what awaits them is chaos and...

Action, Animesque, College, Comedy, Comic Fury, Drama, English Language,...

Detox Camp

Detox Camp is a mysterious location in the Alaskan wilderness, a place for exasperated parents to send their Internet-addicted teenagers and not have to deal with them for a few years. Or ever again. Kiro is a cash-strapped art student who turned...

Conspiracy, Drama, Paranormal, Transcript Available


Action, Adventure, Furry, SciFi, Philosophical

Boyfriend of the Dead

She’s a smart, independent young woman who’s kicking ass and struggling to make her way through the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Just her luck: one day she goes out searching for food and shelter and ends up finding a boyfriend instead. And,...

Comedy, Romance, Zombies


See, Sheldon is this weird, wonderful little strip...with geeky characters, all-ages storylines, and lots of pop-culture nerdiness. At its center is this odd little family: A boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both. Take a second to...

Comedy, Geek Culture