Development Update #3

I’m trapped in “must code” brain mode so please enjoy this new update!

  • Archive Binge is now running on a newer version of PHP! Users may need to log out and back in due to a change made to cookie encryption.
  • All Smack Jeeves comics have had their RSS links removed due to SJ no longer serving RSS
  • Features that are currently not available have had references removed (e.g. friends list). They’ll still be coming, just hiding them until they’re actually out.
  • The option to allow ratings on comics has been removed (it didn’t actually function yet, and will likely not be a feature in the future)
  • Comic banners on the front page and profile have an improved gradient
  • Fixed a bug in which the tag/warning selectors were missing their styling on the Browse page
  • Added Site Settings to user profiles:
    • Option for Dark Mode for reading comics in the dead of night
    • Option to hide favorites from a user’s profile page
    • Option to set the reader frame on the bottom of the browser window
  • Corrected an issue in which Twitter cards were not showing the image for comics with an image set.