Alpha Launch

Res here! This morning I finished everything necessary to reach the “Minimum Viable Product” stage of Archive Binge.  Is it feature complete? Eh, not quite. Going forward, however, the bulk of the work is behind the scenes (e.g. making the submission process more streamlined and fixing the crawler) or some quality of life improvements (e.g. unbreaking the “Remember Me” thing) so for the purposes of answering the question “can it be used?” the answer is “yes”.

If you’re new here (which I imagine you are, considering this is a brand new site), go ahead and create an account. Once you do, you may add, subscribe, edit, and read the comics listed here. Any comics read via the site will be bookmarked so you can pick up where you left off.

For site news and help, you can keep follow updates on the rest of the features in the Trello linked above, or reach me for support if you run into trouble (links on the Contact page).

Go read some webcomics!