Development Update #1

Hey, just a short update regarding the progress made:

  • Increment crawler now works. It’s likely still a little shaky, but if you have a comic that you think will require the incrementer and it’s not working, please shoot me an email.
    • Existing comics that should have been using the incrementer or the standard crawler have been switched appropriately. There’s a few comics still using the manual crawler, but unfortunately their websites are so malformed crawling may not be possible
    • On that note, I intend to write up a short “best practices” article soon for increasing the odds of the crawl working
  • Reader Updates
    • Added ‘close frame’ button
    • Added text indicating what page you’re on out of how many total
    • Added ability to subscribe (and therefore bookmark) from the Reader
    • Fixed the issue where the Reader was cutting off the bottom of pages
  • Remember Me should actually work now
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

In short, it’s been a busy week!

With the increment crawler in place and working, I’m going to ease up on the crawler work for a little bit to continue working on quality-of-life improvements on the site. As always, if you run into any bugs or issues or weirdness, please let me know!