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Comedy, Mystery, Superhero

The Devil of Angel Classroom

Comedy, Queer

Kill Me If You Can

Antares, is what his father gave him after birth, he grew up hating his own weird name that he come up with a new one(Kiran), in fear of becoming people's laughing stock. He sees himself as a proud side character who doesn't have a care to...

On Hiatus


On Hiatus

Ray Fox

Ray posses the ability to manipulate heat and plasma energy; he’s also a skilled mixed martial artist, agile, and cunning. Unfortunately, he is also extremely clumsy: as a consequence, he got the reputation of an arsonist, rather than a hero. Now...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Furry

Celestial Chronicle Shion

In 2356, the Orcusians first attacked 60 years ago. Now Shion, her brother Senri, and the rest of the crew are fighting a war to protect Earth. Senri soon finds though that something on their ship may hold a dark secret and the war may be the least...

Drama, SciFi, Manga, Occult, Romance

Spera: Steamed Horror

Fantasy, Short Stories

The Principle of Happiness

A guy and a kid appear one day in some closely guarded, magical woods. Everyone seems to think they're the heroes of a prophecy. That would be all well and good, but it seems to have kickstarted something bigger than the both of them...

Fantasy, Mystery
On Hiatus

Forgotten Order

The Forgotten Order follows the adventures of a young fauni witch, Trystan, who struggles with her own magical abilities. Miserable and alone, she seeks the companionship of a cursed doll. Together they try to free themselves from their unfortunate...

Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery


In a post apocalyptic world where black magic & technology have combined, a teenager awakens with amnesia inside of a strange armored suit, only to find himself in the middle of a massacre.

Action, Amnesia, Assassins, Conspiracy, Dystopia, Fantasy, SciFi, Large...

The Feloran Chronicles

Thousands of years ago, the demon lord Daemon Ra rose to power. Defeated long ago, his surprise resurrection and subsequent defeat on Felora now brings his powerful Minions to the world, each with their own dreadful power and sinister agenda...

Action, Fantasy


Two NPCs* in an MMORPG* are acting by their own, that will not be without consequences, for them and Real-life-players.

Monsters, Tapas, Video Game, Virtual Reality


Comedy, Daily, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life


Action, Superhero

The Doctors are Out

Comedy, Queer, Romance

18 Saints are 18 Sinners

Craddock is a luckless incubus on the search for happiness and self fulfillment which he believes lies in finding the perfect job. Unfortunately, everything seems to be against him, from a lovelorn human showing up in his apartment one day, to bills...


Two Guys And Guy

Two Guys and Guy is a status-quo Gag-A-Day strip written and drawn by Rickard Jonasson. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the strip brings you into the lives of Frank, Wayne and Guy, a group of friends which best is described as "less...

Comedy, Dark, Random

Fire for Hire

On the run from Loan Sharks and the Mafia, Frank has no choice but to team up with a mysterious duo that saves his life. Barely controlling his powers, he struggles to complete missions to pay off his debt, all while trying to figure out the true...

Action, Genetic Engineering, SciFi, Superpowers, Urban, Webtoons


In so many stories about fantasy worlds, the protagonist encounters some ancient gods who have been locked away for zillions of years, and possess incredible wisdom. They are usually reserved, grave, dignified, and powerful. They point the...

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Philosophical, Queer, Slice of Life,...

City of Monsters

In the kingdom of Graskali… Or kingdom’s of Graskali since the split, tensions have always been high between the two ruling class clans. In the midst of fear and uncertainty, an outcast and a princess fall in love. As conflict begins to rise,...

Action, Conspiracy, Cyberpunk, Drama, Dystopia, Female Creator, Full...

Otterly Human

Otterly absurd comics




The Lostland

The Lostland is the adventures of four travelers unknowingly wrapped up in a chain of events, all leading to one man's plot to turn the world on it's head. Action, laughs, and mystery all packed into one Post-Apoc world

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi

Biff the Vampire

The Tale of a Vampire Far From Home. Biff is new to the U.S., fresh from Romania. He has to make his way in a land he doesn't quite understand along with dealing with friends, roommates and being a modern monster in a mortal world.

Black and White, Comedy, Furry, Monsters, Slice of Life, Traditional...

Let's Celebrate!

Adventure, Fantasy

Glacias (Webtoons)

In a world where people live in fear of dragons, Juka, together with his dragon Lyth, is trying to bring balance between humans and dragons! He claims that humans and dragons can live side by side, if they only took the time to understand each...

Dragons, Fantasy, Webtoons

Tenko King

Welcome to the order of Watchers. We see what must be seen in the land of Lysyk. As the newest member of the Order, it is up to you to observe and record your findings. We are nothing if not…fastidious. There grows a creeping darkness in our land,...

Adventure, Fantasy

A Softer World


Cyber Souls

The year is 30XX. In this world, humans known as Weavers can manipulate elemental powers in astonishing ways. Jet, a young air pirate, finds himself the target of the world’s most deadly criminal organization during a raid gone wrong. Now Jet must...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi, Superhero


A runaway girl, her dead best friend, and a group of genetically altered creatures try to survive in Earth’s distant future.

Adventure, Afterlife, Animal Protagonists, SciFi, Post-apocalyptic,...
On Hiatus