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Deliver Us Evil

bleedman and Skullboy (last updated 09/10/2016 "page 26")

Angels, Demons, Fantasy, Fancomic
On Hiatus



Lord of the Gadflies

Comedy, Slice of Life

Pointy-Eared Bastards

Magic is dead. Humans conquered Fairyland. And they're being real dicks about it. Now Nick, a man-whore elf, and Kel, an uptight merman, will join Robin Hood-y rebels to fight back against this douchey regime. If they can stop bickering first....

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, SciFi, Queer, Romance

Comics by Dre

Friends, cats, possums, skeletons, a very sad brain, girl stuff, and more are all here!

Animals, Comedy, Cute, Female Creator, Female Lead, Slice of Life, Tapas,...



Edge of the Night

It might be surprising to find out werewolves exist, and it’s definitely a shock to get bitten by one, but no one could expect they’d get kidnapped by agitated members of werewolf law enforcement trying to avoid inconvenient international...

Adventure, Becomics, English Language, Fantasy, Full Color, Digital Media,...



Atomic Laundromat

A world with superheroes and supervillians is bound to get messy. Aliens bleed. Capes get messed up. Utility belts get rusty. And let’s not get started on the sweat that pools in the deepest recesses of spandex and leather suits. Most superpowered...

On Hiatus


After being suddenly stolen from their world, a group of teenagers discover that they have been chosen by god to embark on a series of adventures across the multiverse.

Adventure, Comic Fury, Conspiracy, English Language, Fantasy, SciFi,...

The Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory is a fantasy adventure comic that takes place in a magic-infused world in the midst of an industrial age. Though coal and steam power are commonplace, the people of this world are equally dependent on energy sources and devices...

Adventure, Fantasy
On Hiatus

Immortal Doctor From Ancient Times

What's the hidden secrets back in 2000 years ago from the Qin Dynasty? Can we stay young for real? A cold and mysterious man with long silver hair, and his apprentice who never speaks, run a pharmacy called Plover House, in a corner of the...

Fantasy, Webtoons


Cute, Fantasy, Furry

Spera: Original Collab

Spera is an ongoing fantasy comic detailing the adventures of two princesses – Pira and Lono – and a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder. Fleeing their homelands after a cataclysmic event, the trio turn their escapist fantasies into a...

Adventure, Animals, Fantasy

Banana Sunday


Tag Forester -- Sleazy Dick

This is the first full series about Portland’s sleazy private detective, Tag Forester. This time, he’s hired on by an incognito televangelist, Reverend Jimmy, to find a young, fallen x-employee, who may be working in the adult entertainment...

Action, Adventure, Black and White, English Language, Erotic, Detective,...

Red Belt

Action, Adventure, Superhero

Artificial Incident

Near future Sci-Fi comic based on a Full-Dive Virtual Reality Fantasy game called Rune Aria.

Action, Animesque, English Language, Fantasy, Full Color, SciFi, D&D...


On Hiatus

Trip Across the Multiverse

Young man (cat?) Trip Freeman has always wanted to be part of the rangers, an organization in charge of regulating travel and deals across parallel universes. Will Trip ever see his dreams come true?

Action, Adventure, Animal Protagonists, Animals, English Language, Full...

Legendary Woodsman

Action, Adventure, Superhero, Surreal

The Boys in the Bank

By ConnerEmacdonald. "The Boys in the Bank" is a satire about gun violence, the media, police, entitlement. Three morons try robbing a bank, chaos and comedy ensue.

Comedy, Comic Fury, Dark, Drama, Pulp, Satire


Magic is fading, and the world is changing. Some, however, still fight for the Old Ways.  These are the kinds of heroes that live on.  This is their Ode.

On Hiatus



Black Brick Road of Oz


Square Root of Minus Garfield

Square Root of Minus Garfield is a webcomic devoted to parodies and mash-ups of the popular comic strip Garfield, by Jim Davis. Several other people have created various different Garfield parodies. We thought it would be cool to make one...

Comedy, Fancomic, Surreal

The Whys


Realm of Owls

Strip comic about owls and their baffling customs. There are puffs, Piffs and pigeons (but mostly owls, please don’t forget the owls, we want to think they are important).

Animal Protagonists, Animals, Black and White, Comedy, English Language,...



The Beehive