Quantonium - Wallbreak

An animated one panel graphic novel. Vu Binh attended an international school until he reached 15, where he become friends with a foreign exchange student named Nils whose father works as a teacher in Thailand and Vietnam. The two began exchanging letters until three years later, after letters from Nils stopped sending. After Bình became an adult, he goes on a search in Norway to find out what happened to his childhood friend and pen pal. At Tromsø, Norway, he met an officer and a soldier named Nils Leirvåg whose father once taught English in South East Asia and introduced him to the world of exterminating corrupted Gestalts.

First Page
Action Adventure Coming of Age Conspiracy Cyborgs Diverse Cast Erotic Friendship Queer SciFi Superhero

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Death, Discrimination
Violence Gore
Language Profanity
Content Blood, Bullying, Narcissism, Cult