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Evil Plan

Evil Plan takes the superhero world and flips it, viewing things from the supervillain's perspective. The story follows Dr. Kinesis' journey on the road to world conquest. On the way, he'll have to deal with a troublesome AI, his...

Action, Adventure, Drama, Superhero
On Hiatus

digimanga (Riza23) (set to 'cancelled because... last updated November 21, 2009) Digimon (c) Bandai Riza & Buster (tamer) (c)Riza23 Kairi & Lenny(tamer) (c)Sonicrocksmysocks Tekaru & Trigger(tamer) (c)Ligerexe Daisuke & kouya /...

Action, Fantasy, Fancomic


Action, Horror

Lys of the Drakois

Action, Comedy, Coming of Age, Crossover, Dragons, Epic, Fantasy, Female...

CODENAME: Forget-Me-Not

Action, Adventure, Furry

Quantonium - Wallbreak

An animated one panel graphic novel. Vu Binh attended an international school until he reached 15, where he become friends with a foreign exchange student named Nils whose father works as a teacher in Thailand and Vietnam. The two began exchanging...

Action, Adventure, Coming of Age, Conspiracy, Cyborgs, Erotic, SciFi,...

Damselfish in Distress

Pezci is an anxious fish girl that has to learn how to fight for herself when life screws her over and a raging maelstrom destroys her home. Unwillingly bestowed with an unusual key, Pezci must make the journey to the legendary Light Tower where...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Female Creator, Female Lead, Post-apocalyptic,...

Snow by Night

Snow-by-Night is a winter spirit on a quest to find her heart. Her path leads her to Sherbourg, a city built on the colonial frontier. She befriends Blaise and Jassart, a pair of thieves, who each have very different reasons for helping her. With...

18th Century, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Female Lead,...


Mana wells power society into its technological age but their reach is limited. Runners are the trained couriers that transport important packages and messages between cities. But the space outside the safety of the mana wells between cities is a...

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi


Pacifica is a fantasy comic inspired by the Pacific northwest of the US and set in an 1800s-like era. A reclusive woodsman and two bird-people navigate harsh wilderness, monsters, and society to try and figure out where they belong.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Super Rookie

An American magical girl webcomic about being in your twenties.

Action, Comedy, Female Creator, Female Lead, Magical Girl, POC Creator,...

The Pirate Madeline

Join Random, a super hero by trade, as he attempts to find the pirate Madeline! Can he, with the help of his turtle like sidekick, thwart the future and turn Madeline into the hero she's meant to be?

Action, Adventure, Assassins, Comedy, Cute, Dragons, Ecchi, English...

'32 Kick-Up

In 1930's Chicago, two naive kids, through a mix of bad luck and even worse decisions, join forces with a vigilante to take on the mob. In their adventure, they learn about themselves and the world around them, and they might not like some of...

Action, Adventure, Animesque, Black and White, Comedy, Coming of Age,...

Eerie PD

A supernatural detective, a magical alien girl, and their two hapless creators.

Action, Adventure, Aliens, Animesque, Comedy, Cute, Fantasy, Full Color,...


Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, SciFi, Mystery

Fire for Hire

On the run from Loan Sharks and the Mafia, Frank has no choice but to team up with a mysterious duo that saves his life. Barely controlling his powers, he struggles to complete missions to pay off his debt, all while trying to figure out the true...

Action, Genetic Engineering, SciFi, Superpowers, Urban, Webtoons


Jaqueline Posada, an amnesiac teenager, was introduced to the world of symbiotics and dueling after being resurrected by her grandfather. Along the way, she meets teenagers from different countries who volunteered to accompany her in her journeys.

Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Fantasy, Saving the World
On Hiatus

A Girl and Her Fed

When a girl learns she's on a government watchlist, she and her best friend, the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, confront the federal agent assigned to her case. The three soon find themselves investigating the murder of a senator's aide and the...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, SciFi

Kemono Cafe

Welcome to Kemono Cafe. Bringing comic artists and readers together under one big red roof. Join Sandy in her story of journeying to Fable.

Action, Adventure, Animals, Animesque, Comedy, Coming of Age, Cute,...


Join Karn, main character extraordinaire, his pal Ardam, the party Mage, and the rest of the party as they traipse through the world of a console-style RPG where logic is thrown out the window and people take turns to fight. Note: This website is...

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Daily, Geek Culture, All Ages, RPG, Video Game


Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Shadow's Tale

Creepy, other dimension lair? CHECK. Umbrakinetic abilities? CHECK. Malicious monsters that were unleashed from a cursed book by accident? UHHHH.... He may need some help with that from his arch nemesi- I MEAN "partner" to put them all...

Action, Magical Girl, Picaresque
On Hiatus

The Stormrunners

By Ed Kline and Kimber C. Three and a half billion years ago Mars was devastated by war. This is the story of a Martian tank commander who lost her crew, only to find another... a pair of humans from Earth in her distant future! NB: Lee M is listed...

3D Render, Action, Adventure, Aliens, Comic Fury, Drama, Full Color,...

The Amok Bros.

Action, Comedy, SciFi

Magical Hazel

Magical Hazel is an experimental comic that is a love letter to my favorite things about videogames, psychology, and anime (specifically magical girls, because duh!). It’s about elegant action sequences, weird places and monsters, nerd references...

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical Girl
On Hiatus

Bird Boy

By Anne Szabla. Bird Boy follows the story of Bali, a 10 year old Nuru boy, who is desperate to prove his worth to his tribe, despite his small stature. Banned from the ceremony that would make him an adult in the eyes of his people, he takes...

Action, Adventure, Coming of Age, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Female Creator,...
On Hiatus


The planets are living powerful beings and the sentient species that occupy their surfaces are their children. They face a crisis when their elemental lifeblood begins to seep into the children, eventually culminizing into a soulstone which gives...

Action, Aliens, Demons, Dragons, Drama, English Language, Epic, Fantasy,...


Take one psychotic half-alien cyborg with an obsessive vendetta against the alien race with whom all of humanity is at war. Put him in a spaceship on the front lines. Add a commanding officer who doesn’t trust him, a best friend who’s...

Action, Adventure, Aliens, Conspiracy, Cyborgs, Drama, English Language,...

The Owl Tribe Stories

By Lukasz. Warriors, witches, supernatural beings and mysteries of precolumbian America... and two teenage investigators.

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
On Hiatus