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These widgets will link to the entry for Island Hoppers on Archive Binge. If the standard widget is placed on a comic page with a URL that matches a page as listed on AB, the widget will link directly to that page in the Reader. Alternatively, the widget can just link directly to the info page. You can find all of the widget options below:


If placed on a comic page, these widgets will link to that same page in the Archive Binge reader, letting a reader bookmark their place if the URL of the comic page matches the Archive Binge listing exactly. If the URL does not match any pages in the Archive Binge listing, it will link to the Info Page instead.

Button (117x30px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&size=button"></script>

Rectangle (117x60px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&size=rectangle"></script>

Half Banner (234x60px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&size=halfbanner"></script>

Square (125x125px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&size=square"></script>

Info Page Only

These widgets will link directly to http://archivebinge.com/comic/559 regardless of where they are placed.

Button (117x30px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&info=y&size=button"></script>

Rectangle (117x60px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&info=y&size=rectangle"></script>

Half Banner (234x60px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&info=y&size=halfbanner"></script>

Square (125x125px)

<script src="https://archivebinge.com/abwidget.php?comic=559&info=y&size=square"></script>


You can modify the appearance of the banners with CSS on the .ab_widget.ab_override class. For example, to make the button grayscale, add this to your site CSS:

.ab_widget.ab_override{filter: grayscale(100%);}

You can also modify the image the widget uses in the same manner:

.ab_widget.ab_override{background-image: url('yourimage.png');}