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College Catastrophe

By Jan. I began drafting College Catastrophe in October of 2000, shortly after beginning my freshman year in college. College life was giving me so many wacky ideas that I just had to jot down, and the natural format for me to do that was in a...

Autobiography, Black and White, Chinese Language, College, Comedy, English...

Moonlight Meanderer

French Language, Romance

Nine to Nine

By Jan. Life continues, without a plan... Nine to Nine is a sequel to College Catastrophe, following the lives of Jan, Wolf, Phil, Amber, Shiera, Tor, Andrea (Silver from Swords and Sausages*) and newcomer Jessie one year after graduating from...

Comedy, English Language, French Language, Full Color, Furry, German...

Rainy Day Dreams

Rainy Day Dreams is a queer-friendly comic about relationships, monsters, and defeating evil with kindness (and also sometimes swords cuz swords are cool ✨). Tristin finds herself trapped in a parallel dimension after a treasure hunt gone wrong....

Action, Angels, Black and White, Coming of Age, Cute, Dark, Drama, English...

Swords and Sausages

By Jan. A pair of thieves (a silver fox and a tiger) are involved in numerous misadventures in a medieval kingdom. (Various language translations [usually] available.)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, English Language, Fantasy, French Language,...


In a distant future, people with extraordinary abilities, also called "Wiccans", struggle to survive in a world where their gifts have been declared illegal. A young meta-human girl, Hope Sherman, is forced by a police inspector to...

French Language, SciFi, Female Lead
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