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Oddity Woods

Conspiracy, Deal with the Devil, Ghosts, Detective, Mystery
On Hiatus


The young witch Gaea finds herself imprisoned for reading a book she was not allowed to touch. Soon she must decide whether to trust her mentor or her mysterious cellmate, as she learns the High Priestess in Rome has dangerous plans for the book,...

Action, Adventure, Ancient History, Conspiracy, Deal with the Devil,...

Perpetual Flux

Victim or hunter? Recently risen from the grave, Vanessa Clarke is forced into a world of monsters, intrigue, and war. As she grapples with wary alliances and new friends, she must come to terms with her own dark fate. For her, death is no longer...

18th Century, Action, Adventure, Afterlife, Animals, Body Swapping, Dark,...
On Hiatus

Altar of Pine

A mysterious voice in the woods offers Alexander, a debt-ridden fisherman, a chance at a better life. Not an easier one.

Deal with the Devil, Fantasy, Magic, Occult


The angel Decebal wants to cause suffering within the world so people will introspect on their life choices and try to be better than what they are.

Action, Afterlife, Aliens, Angels, Animesque, Asexual, Bisexual, Black and...


Conan Renaud is a stablehand and that's all he ever wanted to be...Although he would also like to be rich and to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lucie. When he's kidnapped from his home and targeted by assassins, Conan unwillingly makes...

Amnesia, Assassins, Conspiracy, Deal with the Devil, Drama, English...
On Hiatus