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Abandoned by their creators, scattered groups of robots search for purpose in the factory-cities of their desolate world. Though the robots differ dramatically in function and design, they share essential traits. Drawing power from the common grid,...

Androids, SciFi, Female Lead, Lesbian, Philosophical, Post-apocalyptic

Data Chasers

Action, Androids, Conspiracy, Cyborgs, Dystopia, SciFi, Post-apocalyptic

Kidd Commander

Kidd Commander is an ongoing shounen about Phineas Kidd, a girl who was murdered by god and got so mad about it she rose from the dead to kill god back! It's set in an apocalypse-in-progress so the characters get dragged through the mud quite a...

Adventure, Androids, Fantasy, Full Color, SciFi, Female Lead, Large...

Questionable Content

Questionable Content is an internet comic strip about romance and robots. It started on August 1, 2003. It updates five times a week, Monday through Friday. Jeph Jacques writes and draws Questionable Content. It has been his full-time job since...

Androids, Comedy, Daily, Diverse Cast, Slice of Life, Friendship

Alethia (Webtoons)

A world of robots abandoned by their creators struggle to find new purposes in life. An unnamed, amnesiac robot wanders through this world, affecting every society she passes through. Updates Tues with multiple pages.

Androids, Dystopia, English Language, Episodic, SciFi, Female Lead,...

Circuits and Veins

In a world where androids have won their independence, what's it like to date one? A queer soft science fiction romance about an android and a human falling in love.

Androids, SciFi, Queer, Romance

Negative Frames

Kaz is an egocentric internet-famous girl, photography aficionado, who has a strong curiosity about abnormal and weird things happening around her.

Androids, Comedy, Drama, SciFi, Female Lead, Mystery, Tapas
On Hiatus


OPHIUCHUS is the story of the lone sentry of an ancient, inactive gate. One day, a strange being breaks through and infects her with a virus. And shortly after, she is approached by two machines, who implore her to follow them to the center of the...

Action, Adventure, Androids, Astronomy, English Language, Epic, Fantasy,...

Cupcake War Machine

Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war, but after severe damage during his first battle, he wakes up 500 years later with the new exasperating function of being an assistant...

Aliens, Androids, Animesque, Artificial Intelligence, Becomics, Comedy,...

Vulgar Vulgar

Dromie Lorenz is human. What will it take for the world to believe him? A sometimes frightening, surreal, twisted sci-fi, set in an augmented world not unlike our own. Although, everyone's head is a square-based pyramid.

Androids, Artificial Intelligence, Comic Fury, Coming of Age, Conspiracy,...

Now Recharging

Emmie’s world might sound familiar. It’s a place where hopes and dreams constantly collide with the ups and downs of daily life, from job interviews (scary!!) to routine chores like groceries and laundry. Except Emmie is a robot – a...

Androids, Asexual, SciFi, Nonbinary, Philosophical, Slice of Life


"PV02 is a sci-fi adventure webcomic revolving around the robot girl Pivot. Designed without a definitive purpose, she’s attempting to determine more about her origins." -

Amnesia, Androids, SciFi, Lesbian, Mystery, Reader Driven