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Heart Adoption

Mizar is a world filled with corrupted creatures and humans. And though most people are adjusted to the mysterious magic that causes this corruption, not all are aware of it's effects on regular animals. Heart Adoption follows the journey of a...

Action, Dark, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Mysterious Shop, Occult

Flower Eater

A girl who eats emotions

Cute, Deal with the Devil, Female Lead, Bittersweet, Diverse Cast,...
On Hiatus

Prague Race

By Leppu (Petra Erika Nordlund). Prague Race is a comedy horror story, and it offers a softly satirical views of the fantasy genre. It might have some heavy imagery, and it's not suitable for minors or sensitive readers! NO LONGER UPDATING IN...

Adventure, Black and White, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Alternate Universe,...

Spare Keys For Strange Doors

Your local Specialists are: Toby Hathaway and Marion Sark. Highly experienced and skilled professionals, experts at handling the uncanny, supernatural and subnatural. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable. ...

Animals, Death, Demons, Drama, English Language, Episodic, Female Creator,...