The Human Atlas

"Exercise your right to return."

In a drowned and fractured old world once populated by humans, two noble vassals—members of an aquatic successor species known as the undines—begin a voyage to return to their most holy city and wreak vengeance upon those within for an unknown and unspeakable crime. A stringent tale of woe and salvation, telling itself with a colossal anger that never once turns uncultured.

Paladin Taim
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19th Century Action Adult Adventure Alternate Universe Bittersweet Comic Fury Cute Dark Death Digital Media Diverse Cast Drama English Language Epic Episodic Experimental Fantasy Female Lead Full Color Horror Long Form Lost World Monsters POC Psychological Pulp Redemption Religious Revenge Saving the World SciFi Slice of Life Surreal Suspense Tragedy Unreliable Narrator

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Death, Hatred
Violence Bladed Weapons, Eye Trauma, Firearms, Gore, Serious Injury, Violence
Sex/Nudity Nudity (Non-sexual)
Content Alcohol, Animal Abuse, Blood, Corpses, Cult, Dismissal of Illness, Drowning, Emotional Abuse, Medical Procedures, Needles, Oppression, Physical Abuse, Self Harm, Trypophobia, Verbal Abuse, Vomit