Balls Out On the Silk Route

Drako the Barbarian is a wondering warrior of questionable values. He does mercenary work. This time he’s taking some ceramic balls called Mesopotamian envelopes along the Silk Road from China to Yaqut al-Hamawi near the city of Merv. Along the way, he meets the Kapnobatai Shaman, Harsova

First Page
Action Adventure Ancient History Animals Assassins Black and White Crude Death Diverse Cast English Language Erotic Fantasy Medieval Mythology Person in a Strange World Sex Sword and Sorcery Tapas Warfare

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Crude Humor, Death, Hatred
Violence Bladed Weapons, Gore, Serious Injury
Sex/Nudity Nudity (Sexual), Sexual Themes
Content Blood, Corpses, Drug Use, Verbal Abuse