The Legend of Drako the Barbarian

The beginning of this cartoon was first drawn in 1986 (I know it probably looks like it). Since it deals with drugs, sex, violence, etc., it is meant for more adult readers and is not office safe. The beginning pages are in printed comic book format and later pages advance to the Tapas format. These comix are dedicated to the folks in Oregon who have worked so hard to make pot legal in the state.

First Page
Action Adult Adventure Ancient History Assassins Black and White Death Diverse Cast English Language Erotic Fantasy Friendship Medieval Religious Sex Sword and Sorcery Tapas

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Crude Humor, Death, Hatred, War
Violence Bladed Weapons, Violence
Language Profanity
Sex/Nudity Nudity (Sexual), Sex, Sexual Themes
Content Blood, Bullying, Corpses, Drug Use, Tobacco