The Shining Fly Heroes of Heatherly Heath

Welcome to Heatherly Heath, a small town cut off from the rest of the world where someone is probably trying to kill you at all times. The Shining Fly Organisation work to stop the seemingly endless supply of supervillains, but, unfortunately, the only Fly truly capable of saving the town is Michael Zeal, who is far more interested in his failing career in stand-up comedy. The comic follows Mike's adventures on three fronts: the battles of a legendary superhero, the dullness of work in a record shop and the aspiration of a great show.

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Action Comedy SciFi Superhero

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Crude Humor, Death, Discrimination, Age Gap
Violence Gore, Serious Injury, Violence, Bladed Weapons, Eye Trauma, Firearms
Language Profanity
Content Eating Disorders, Insects, Self Harm, Suicide, Alcohol, Oppression, Blood