River City

Crawford Stone will do anything to protect his younger brother. From bailing him out of jail in the middle of the night to standing up to their corrupt politician of a father--the only person in the world he truly fears. They have remained hidden from him for years. But as the man's search closes in on them both, Crawford and his friends must also take on the king of the city's underworld. How much more is he willing to sacrifice?

River City is an LGBT+ retro sci-fi comic full of drama and action. People with special abilities (known as phenoms) are just part of daily life, but so is political corruption. A cast of queer characters face impossible odds and discover unexpected secrets.

Colin Moore
Update Days
Monday, Friday
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Action Bisexual Dark Death Digital Media Drama English Language Friendship Full Color Gay Lesbian Long Form Noir Pansexual Platonic Relationship Queer Queer Cast Queer Creator Realism SciFi Suspense Transgender Urban

Content Warnings
Adult Themes Death
Violence Violence
Sex/Nudity Sexual Humor, Sexual Themes
Content Alcohol, Blood, Child Abuse, Gaslighting, Self Harm, Sexual Abuse, Suicide